The Nigerian Association of Dermatologists (NAD) is the body of dermatologists in Nigeria, inaugurated in 1979. It is a non-governmental professional organization, has local and international collaborations and is funded largely from membership dues and association activities.

With two Postgraduate Institutions in the country offering specialist training in dermatology, (National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria and West African College of Physicians), the number of dermatologists in Nigeria has continued to increase and the association currently has over 100 registered members. The association is committed to promoting continuing professional development for dermatologists in order to improve the practice of dermatology and venereology in Nigeria. Membership of NAD is not limited to only dermatologists. Opportunities exist for collaboration with allied health care practitioners and corporate organizations.

NAD also serves as an advocate for members on legislative, regulatory and judicial issues, and provides forums for the advancement and promotion of industry through research, training and professional development services. We work with the Ministries Ministry of Health at the local government, state and federal levels and non-governmental organizations to promote skin health in Nigerians while playing an advisory role to the Government in the planning and delivery of health care services in the country.

NAD will continue to partner with patient support groups and International dermatology organizations to reduce the burden of dermatology diseases while improving patients’ quality of life.

Objectives, Vision and Mission


  • NAD assists government in formulation of policies that will help enhance the health of Nigerians.
  • NAD also provides continuing medical education in dermatology for various cadres of health care workers.
  • NAD is actively involved in promoting public awareness on matters of skin health.
  • NAD acts as an advocacy group against the stigmatization of Nigerians with skin disorders.

Our Vision

  • To ensure improved quality of life for the Nigerian society through the promotion and application of dermatological science and technology.

Our Mission

  • To provide unbiased, expert advice to the government and its agencies on issues relevant to the specialty especially those of national interest that dermatologic science and technology can solve.
  • To establish and maintain the highest standards of dermatology training and practice in Nigeria, through publications of journals, organization of scientific conferences, seminars, workshops and symposia.